About Us

Our Mission


The mission of Brewer Federal Credit Union is to provide superior personal financial services to our member-owners. Our chief concern must be their financial well-being. Our goal is to be the financial institution of first choice for our members.


The Brewer Federal Credit Union is a unique organization with deep and abiding human values. Our goal is to maintain those qualities by maintaining personal relationships with our members and through committed involvement in the community we serve. We will seek our growth both from new members and by serving the financial needs of present members more completely. We will not sacrifice quality of present services to seek growth and the traditional credit union philosophy of “People helping People” will remain our guiding principle. The credit union must remain financially sound and secure in order to provide quality member services. Appropriate operating controls, capital reserves and liquidity will be maintained at all times.

Our Staff


Please be sure to contact any of the department heads for questions/concerns.


Management Team

President/Chief Executive Officer: Dave DeFroscia (NMLS# 753967)

Email: dave@brewerfcu.org

Phone: (207) 989-7240 x305


Chief Financial Officer:  Brenda Goodridge

Email: brenda@brewerfcu.org

Phone: (207) 989-7240 x307


Vice President of Lending: William (Will) Abbott (NMLS# 753965)

Email:  william@brewerfcu.org

Phone:  (207) 989-7240 x211


Assistant Vice President Branch Operations: Lucille Knox (NMLS #753966)

Email: lucille@brewerfcu.org

Phone: (207) 989-7240 x306


Assistant Vice President Branch Manager & Collections: David Stanhope

Email: davidstanhope@brewerfcu.org

Phone: (207) 989-7240 x209




Branch Departments

Card Services Coordinator: Kayla Moreau
Email: kayla@brewerfcu.org
Phone: (207) 989-7240 x303


Accounting Specialist: Bridget Dooey
Email: bridget@brewerfcu.org
Phone: (207) 989-7240 x304




Charlene Rushmore

Email: charlene@brewerfcu.org

Phone: (207) 989-7240 x315


Christine Lamson

Email: christine@brewerfcu.org

Phone: (207) 989-7240 x213


Loan Officers

Financial Service Representative/ Loan Officer: Sean Dickey (NMLS #753964)
Email: sean@brewerfcu.org
Phone: (207) 989-7240 x212


Financial Service Representative/ Loan Officer: Shannon Staples
Email: shannon@brewerfcu.org
Phone: (207) 989-7240 x210


Financial Service Representative/ Loan Officer:  Lucille (Lucy) Littlefield
Email: lucy@brewerfcu.org
Phone: (207) 989-7240 x302



Our Board



  • Richard Whitmore, Chairman
  • Michael  Nelligan, Vice Chairman
  • Mark Gray, Treasurer
  • Craig Bailey, Secretary
  • Robert Bastey, Director
  • Carol McLaughlin, Director
  • Dani O’Halloran, Director




  • Carol McLaughlin, Chair
  • Lisette Ducas, Chair
  • Peter Lyford, Member
  • Patricia Wilking, Member


*If you are interested in serving on either the Board of Directors or the Supervisory Committee please contact Dave DeFroscia at (207) 989-7240 ext 305.