Ending Hunger Campaign

Social Responsibility

The Maine Credit Union League’s primary Social Responsibility effort is supporting and assisting with the Annual Maine Credit Unions’ Campaign for Ending Hunger, including materials, fundraising tools and ideas and calculating and distributing the funds on an annual basis.
In addition to the Ending Hunger Campaign, the League also coordinates the CUs’ Share for ME program, a program that tabulates the volunteer efforts of participating credit unions on a monthly basis.  This information is shared with the media, legislators and members of Congress on an as-needed basis to demonstrate the commitment and dedication of Maine’s credit unions on a voluntary basis to the communities they serve through volunteerism.






Hunger in Maine

Many Mainers continue to struggle to make ends meet. The USDA estimates that 15.1% of Maine households, or more than 200,000 individuals, are food insecure. The number of Mainers who are food insecure has increased significantly in recent years. Maine ranks 17th in the nation and 1st in New England for food insecurity.


Hunger in Maine (Source: USDA)

• Population: 1,328,361

• Food insecurity rate: 15.1% of households, or more than 200,000 people

• Maine ranks 17th in the nation and 1st in New England for food insecurity

• Child food insecurity rate: 24%, or nearly 1 in every 4 children, are food insecure (64,200 children)

• Maine ranks 18th in the nation, 1st in New England in terms of child food insecurity

• Senior food insecurity rate: 5.46% of senior are food insecure in Maine

• Maine ranks 17th in the nation, 1st in New England in terms of senior food insecurity

• Food insecurity has increased by 50% over the past decade Additional Facts About Poverty & Hunger

• Poverty rate in Maine: 12.6% (Source: Census Bureau) • Child poverty rate in Maine: 17.5% (Source: Annie E. Casey Foundation)

• Maine unemployment rate: 7.6% (July 2012, Source: ME Dept. of Labor)

• Food Stamps: Approximately 111,327 households in Maine are using food stamps (FY 2014, Source: USDA)

• 40% of Maine’s food insecure population makes too much to qualify for food stamps and must rely on the charity food assistance network (Source: Feeding America)


You can read more on the Maine Credit Union League‘s site

Our Contributions

Brewer FCU has been highly involved in the Ending Hunger in Maine Campaign, and we wanted to show our member’s just how much they have helped contribute to the success over the last 5 years!!


Brewer FCU’s contribution 2012:  $4,122.13

MCUL Total:  $471,744.42


Brewer FCU’s contribution 2013:  $4,869.96

MCUL Total: $513,309.19


Brewer FCU’s contribution 2014: $4,616.58

MCUL Total: $552,257.43


Brewer FCU’s contribution 2015: $5,085.72

MCUL Total:  TBA on February 9, 2016

2016 Fundraisers

Be sure to ask our tellers about these fundraisers!!

buy a heart   buy a heart_tax


Each Friday, staff members get to wear their customized Brewer FCU jerseys for $1.00!  All the money raised goes into the Ending Hunger account!  Jeans, jerseys, and raising money to help End Hunger in Maine?  Brewer FCU knows how to fundraise in style!

11665449_1301991866494377_5471461621643799097_n    12744396_1301992356494328_4426413344639746637_n

Easter Bunny 2016!!

Each Easter, both branches put out a GIANT Easter Bunny and a big basket of goodies!  All proceeds go to Ending Hunger, and this year, there were many participants, which we couldn’t be more thrilled about!

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You ready to have some fun, exercise, enjoy the nice weather, raise money, eat pizza, win trophies, and hang out with Brewer FCU?  Sure you are!!!  Join us and sign up for our 2nd Annual Disc Golf for Ending Hunger Tournament this August right here in Orrington!


Click the link below to get started!

Disc Golf Tournament 2016