Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers


From time to time, you may have to wire funds – to your son at college, or to pay off a bill, or to send money overseas.  We can help.  It’s important that you provide us with complete wire transfer instructions from the financial institution that you want to wire the funds to.

Name and Address of the Financial Institution

Routing or ABA Number

Telephone # of the Financial Institution

Name of the Person the funds are going to

Account Number and Account Type (i.e. checking, savings)

Amount of the Transfer and the Account the funds will be withdrawn from


If someone is wiring funds to you, then you will need to provide the following information to the person who will be wiring the funds to you.

Wire to:                           Tricorp Federal Credit Union, Westbrook, Maine

                                       ABA #        2112-9166-6

Further Credit to:             Brewer Federal Credit Union,  Brewer, Maine

                                       Account #     2112-88-747

Final Credit:                     Member’s Name

                                       Account # and Type of Account – Checking or Savings

NOTE:  Wire transfers are processed through the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.  There are NO GUARANTEES when wiring funds as to reaching their destination nor the time of destination.  Typically, if the transfer request is made prior to 1:00pm, the funds will be processed on that day.

It is the responsibility of the member to obtain accurate information.  Members will not be notified when funds are received.