With Brewer Federal Credit Union’s E-Statements, there is no more waiting for your paper statements to arrive each month or trying to find storage for past statements. Your statements are now ready to view, download, or print at your convenience.

Why Choose e-Statements over Paper?

  • Receive your statement faster. No waiting for mailed statements.
  • View statements online at any time.
  • Avoid the inconvenience of filing paper statements. Build a statement archive up to 12 months automatically.
  • Download, save or print statements when it’s convenient.
  • Increase protection against identity theft. EStatements are password protected.
  • Eliminate paper.
  • Conserve natural resources.
  • Help the environment!
  • It’s Free!…No charge for this valuable service.

Be sure to sign up for E-Statements when you are logged into your online banking!

1.) Click on “Online Banking Login” – top right of page (or click “Register” if not currently enrolled)

2.) Log in to “Online Banking”

3.) Click on “Settings” – located at left of page

4.) Click on “Additional Services”

5.) Click on “E-Statements”

6.) Slide the toggle button to green to confirm and then click “Save Changes”

7.) Accept the “terms and conditions” ….and you are now enrolled!