Membership Agreement and Disclosures

Your credit union is unique in the financial world. It is a co-op, owned by you and your fellow members and operated in your common interest. Your credit union is non-profit and exists only to serve you, not to make money. As a credit union, you own, operate and control your credit union through your Board of Directors. You are entitled to elect and be elected to the volunteer Board of Directors, which is composed of your fellow members and manages the credit union based on the needs and wishes of the members. The Board of Directors sets dividend rates, loan interest rates, and fees, among other things, and also determines credit union policy such as that set forth in this Agreement. In addition, your credit union works cooperatively with Maine’s other credit unions and the Maine Credit Union League, pooling resources for research and development of cost-effective services which benefit not only you and your fellow members but all credit union members in Maine.

A printable Membership Agreement and Disclosure document.